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Our Swinging Gate Automations


Our Swinging Gate Automations

Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors offers Gate Operators, Cyprus, that are sleek in design, with outstanding durability, remaining unaltered with time even in extreme weather conditions, yet practical and safe, with current sensors or encoders, to ensure the reversal or stopping of the movement of the operators upon contact with any obstacle, complying with all European safety standards, you can rest assured that every aspect of safety has been covered.


Key operated release locks which are easily accessible allowing quick release of the operators in the case of power failures and for all 24 volt operators optional buffer back up batteries are available.


Skillfully carried out installations by Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd, of gate automations in Cyprus ensuring long lasting operations.


Our Swinging Gate Automations - ARTICULATED GATES

Articulated gate operators


For gates that have limited room for the gate to swing open, the gate compactly folds to half the size of the fully closed leaf length. Also see our special gate hardware for articulated gates


We also now supply a range of hardware for the production of Articulated gates that allow for a standard swinging gate operator to be used while also avoiding the need for a ground channel.


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