Command Accessories Cyprus

Unique designs and innovative materials fully describe the range of command accessories supplied by Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd. for Cyprus.

Entrematic ZEN - range
Transmitters Cyprus

Beautifully designed practical transmitters, remote controls, or otherwise known as key fobs Cyprus to operate your automation with a push of a button.

smart switch
smart switch
smart switch
smart switch
Wi-Fi Smart Switch  Cyprus

Smart Switch for: Blinds, Curtains, Roller Shutters.


1. Voice control: Connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

2. Wi-Fi Remote Control: You can use "Smart Life" APP in your smart phone to control the wall switch wirelessly with Wi-Fi or 4G network. No hub required.

3. Family Sharing: Control several sites shared by different family members. One mobile phone can control many switches.

4. Touch control.

Key pads Cyprus

Key pads Cyprus enables easily opening by just entering a coded number sequence.


Control your access like never before, with geofencing, voice commands and through scene creation.

Entrematic Smart Connect is the new system to manage entrances via App or PC remotely or locally.

Entrematic Smart Connect integrates with most popular Smart Home platforms: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit. 


Entrematic-Smart-Connect-2- (1).jpg

Remote Access: open, close and monitor the garage or gate from anywhere.
Status Notifications: Entrematic Smart Connect system notifies when the door is open, closed or left open! Available also temperature and battery condition alert.
Video Monitoring: watch and record each garage door and gate when not at home (IP Camera needed)
User Management: grant, deny and modify the access to unlimited users anywhere, anytime. Restrictions by time, door and location.


The hub, mounted close to the garage or gate operator, is the core of the system. Thanks to the embedded Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n) it can be connected to a W-LAN, alternatively to a LAN using a USB/Ethernet adapter and it can control up to 3 operators.
Wireless sensors send the status of the access: open, close, left open, obstruction... but also temperature and battery condition alert.
By integrating the indoor-outdoor Wi-Fi-Ethernet Camera, it is possible to view HD real time video while managing the access.

FREE ENTREMATIC APPS available on Play Store and App Store

Entrematic Smart Connect App controls up to 3 garages or gates for each ub and can manage many hub at the same time. Thanks to the App, you can make your home smart, creating scenario involving the different system: automation status, temperature and sensor battery, log of events accessible in home screen, pictures of garage/gate customizable, real time video per automation (2 fps).

Entrematic CAM App includes video monitoring (25 fps 50 Hz - 30 fps 60 Hz), push notifications. video recording and snapshot.






Entrematic Smart Connect integrates with most popular Smart Home platforms. 
Control your access like never before, with geofencing, voice commands and through scene creation.





Configure the system in four steps:
1. install the Apps on the smartphone iOS / Android
2. plug the Hub into the main
3. follow the instructions on the display and automatically pair the device to the home network
4. stick the wireless sensors to the gate or doors

Perfect for retrofit market!

Dedicated website and step-by-step guide on:






GSM Systems Cyprus

The Gsm system Cyprus, allows opening of gates, barriers and garage doors with just a simple phone call from your mobile telephone to a dedicated number, Mobile App also available for download, without any call costs as the system never answers the call. 

Secure and safe system, only authorised users (up to 2000) can open gates, barriers, garage doors.

User phone number validity limitation in accordance with a set deadline (date/time) or number of rings to the system.

Control restriction for users in accordance with the specified weekdays and time.

Event log of 1000 events containing date and time as well as administrator/user phone number and user name who controlled the output.

Three inputs with customisable alarm texts for notification on gate status or in case it gets jammed.

Periodic self-test notification by text message to administrator phone number.

Eliminates having to carry remote controls or leaving vehicle to access key pads and intercoms.

No problem with range as the system will work in any location.

Remotely configurable via SMS (by up to five administrators) with no requirement to site visits.

Compatible with all gate and barrier systems.

SIM card required.

Full installation available.

Entrematic-SVA-SchedaElettronica (1)

Secure Virtual Access (SVA) is the new system to easily manage an access via Bluetooth. SVA enables credentials that give users permanent or occasional access, according to configurable time bands and modifiable at any time.
The system includes:

  • a plug-in card (ref. MOBCRE) compatible with the accessory slot of the Entrematic control panels

  • an app for smartphones

  • an access credential system (ref. MOBOK and MOBGK5)..

Easy to use

ADMINISTRATOR : defined by the installer after activation of the card. Manages the credentials and the Bluetooth (MOBCRE) units: defines the owners, enables/disables Bluetooth units, enables owners to invite guests, receives notifications when an owner invites guests
OWNER : controls the automation via Bluetooth smartphone with no limits. The owner credential has no expiry 
GUEST : invited by the owner to use the system, may have access limitations. The guest key package is valid for one year

Proximity Card Readers Cyprus

Swiping your credit sized card within a centimetre of the proximity card reader, cyprus, enables operation of the application

LAB9 - Magnetic loop detector.jpg
Metal Mass Detectors Cyprus

Metal mass detector/magnetic loop system cyprus detects the presence of a car above the magnetic loop which is located in the ground and  automatically triggers the automatic opening of an entrance system. This is the ideal control system for the automatic opening of gates, garage doors, industrial doors and barriers. Particularly useful for condominiums, public and industrial buildings, as well as private parking areas.

Safety Key Switches Cyprus

Secure key switch system cyprus enables easy opening by just inserting and tuning the key. 

Coin/Token Validators Cyprus

This is a practical and effective coin control system cyprus which permits the opening of an automatic entrance just once by means of a coded-imprint token placed in a special token unit.
This is the ideal control system for automatic barriers of parking lots, hotels and commercial buildings.

Occupancy control system
occupancy detector system .jpg

Occupancy control system to monitor entrances and exits of a building automatically and in real time.

It allows blocking access once the limit of people inside the building is reached, unlocking only after a new exit.

In this solution, a monitor or tablet can also be added for the intuitive visualization of the location occupation.

This system is ideal for access control in malls and supermarkets, as it allows the control of all doors connected to the same system.

Main features:

  • Control up to 12 different doors

  • Recommended placing the sensor at 2.5m high

  • No limit on viewing screens

  • Reached the limit of people, this blocks all entries

  • Controlled by mobile phone application or software

This solution can be combined with the Facial detection camera, the innovative temperature reading and mask detection system. That way you can make a strict control of the entrances in the buildings.

cam care detector system .jpg

Facial detection camera that allows you to do facial recognition, measure temperature and detect whether people have a mask to allow entry. This control device can be installed in any automatic access system, such as turnstiles, pedestrian doors and sliding glass.
Main Features:

  • Infrared body temperature detection

  • Temperature reading is carried out without any contact, with high precision and in real time

  • Temperature measurement range between 30-45 (℃), with a margin of error of ± 0.3 (℃)

  • Has memory for 100,000 facial recognition records

  • Has electronic voice transmission to inform the detection results

  • 7-inch IPS HD screen

  • Water and dust resistant (IP67)


The Strobe Detector system detects optical signals from  emergency responders vehicles strobe lights,  such as Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade  providing access into gated areas therefore shortening response times when it matters most. It can operate indoors or outdoors and in any weather. These units are not susceptible to radio frequency interference and use a digital frequency discrimination to reject unwanted signals such as flashlights, flashing signs etc.

Solar Systems Cyprus
Solar powered gate automations
Solar powered gate automations

Solar powered gate automations by Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd.

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Solar powered parking barriers by Pa
Solar powered parking barriers by Pa

Solar powered parking barriers by Pan. chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd, Cyprus

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Solar powered systems by Pan. Chryso
Solar powered systems by Pan. Chryso

Solar powered systems by Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd., Cyprus

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Solar powered gate automations
Solar powered gate automations

Solar powered gate automations by Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd.

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Even were there is no electricity supply we have the “solar solution" compatible with all our gate automation and parking barriers, Cyprus.  

Receivers Cyprus

Receivers and receiver cards for transmitters

Entrematic Door Connect 

Sliding to the future the all new Entrematic Door Connect 

Sensors and Detection Devices Cyprus for automated pedestrian doors

Active volumetric barriers for protecting and/or detecting people and objects.

Because of their specific detection features, they are especially suitable for use on automatic swing doors.

Active infra-red or microwave presence and sensing safety device during opening and closing.

All these sensors comply with standard EN 16005 and guarantee the safety of people passing through or near the monitored entrances: detection is monitored in accordance with European standards.

Controlled-programmers for automated pedestrian doors

Electronic mechanical and analogue program selectors designed to select and set desired operation modes for one or more automatic doors.
Suitable both for sliding and swing doors.


Control Panels 

DITEC ENTREMATIC LCU – Multifunction control units for 24 V DC gate operators

Entrematic LCU control units allow you to easily configure, assisted by a digital display, the automation operating mode and continuously monitor position and speed of the gate, allowing fine tuning of acceleration, deceleration and breakaway current, the deceleration distance and approach speed in opening and closing.

Thanks to additional plug-in cards you can further expand the functionality of the system with self-monitored safety edges, a magnetic loop detector or Bluetooth module.

Entrematic LCU control units feature incredible ease of use (thanks to advanced self-learning procedure during installation) and Virtual Encoder technology (which ensures a constant monitoring of impact forces and the immediate detection of obstacles, in full compliance with 13849, with or without the installation of active safety edges).

And in case of issues, a data logging, available via LED display (LCU30H) or via microSD and dedicated software (LCU40H), allows you to analyze the latest alarms history and greatly simplifies the detection of faults and related maintenance operations.

Quality certified by TUV Rheinland!


- For 1 or 2 motors up to 12 A (6 A for LCU30H)

- Compatibility:

   LCU30H:            Ditec PWR25H, Ditec PWR35H, Ditec ARCBH, Ditec Facil

   LCU40H             Ditec PWR25H, Ditec PWR35H, Ditec PWR50H / HV / HR, Ditec ARCBH / 1BH,
                                Ditec Facil, Ditec Cubic, DITEC DOR

- 433 MHz radio receiver module pre-installed (switchable with 868 MHz module)

- Removable memory module

- GREEN MODE function to reduce power consumption to less than 1 W

- SOLAR ready power supply and / or hybrid

- Degree of protection IP55 plastic housing

- Operating temperature -35 ° C / + 55 ° C             (with NIO function)

- Dimensions (HxWxD):

   LCU30H             261 x 187 x 105 mm

   LCU40H             357 x 238 x 120 mm

DITEC ENTREMATIC LCU30H – Multifunction control unit for 24 V DC gate operators
DITEC ENTREMATIC LCU40H – Multifunction control unit for 24 V DC gate operators