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Our Commecial / Industrial  Doors


Our Commercial Doors

The designs and different solutions offered by Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd, ensure that the doors are aesthetically pleasing and perfectly suited to any architectural environment from modern and traditional buildings to fine commercial buildings. 

 Our Commercial Roller doors are produced only from the highest quality aluminum profiles and are motorised using with robust German made Tubular motors  "Selve" 



Our Commercial Doors - Perforated Roller door Video


Our Industrial Doors

For large heavy duty industrial doors in Cyprus

Industrial Sectional doors, Cyprus, the ultimate solution for any business involved with production and/or storage, combining maximum use of opening weather resistance and security.


Our Electric Sectional garage doors are fitted with Ditec/Entrematic motors


Our Fast Folding Doors

Flexible high speed doors, Cyprus, (supplied by DITEC/ENTREMATIC) can easily and simply be used for the most diverse environments, where they ensure safety and efficiency of operation, in full compliance with current standards' requirements. The flexible curtains modular system, which can be quickly folded or rolled up, is a major feature of  flexible doors designed for industrial use. The flexible curtains modular system allows damaged sections to be easily and quickly replaced. The curtains are available in fully see-through PVC or in a wide range of colours: to improve safety at work, allowing a quick and easy access, or to match the company logo colour.

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