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Our Specialised Gate Hardware Cyprus

Unique designs and innovative materials fully describe the range of Specialised Gate Hardware supplied by Pan. Chrysostomou Auto Doors Ltd. for Cyprus, offering gate producers professional problem free solutions.

Bi-folding gate accessories kit
Articulated/bi-folding  Kit

Innovative practical kit enabling the most professional result for Articulated/bi-folding gates, without the need for a ground channel while also enabling the installation of standard swinging gate automations.

Articulated/bi-folding gat accessories
Telescopic kits

Complete practical kits available for professional problem free telescopic gates, versions for two and three leaves available

Telescopic gate accessories
Rising gate accessories
Rising Swinging Gate accessories

Hardware for swinging gates that are required to open on an upwards ramp 

Sliding Gate Dampers
Sliding gate Dampers

A necessary safety accessory for controlling the speed of sliding gates on an incline.

Gate Closers
Gate Closers Cyprus

External gate closer is a reliable solution for controlled closing of outside gates - the gate closer reduces the danger of injuries or damage to hinges and frames resulting from gates slamming shut, as unlike a normal closing spring the gates closing force is controlled.

  • Prevents gates from being left open.

  • controlled closing speed preventing gates from slamming closed. 

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